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Accelerating online for the most advanced stunt academy in the UK

Drivetac is the epitome of precision and mastery in the world of stunt, tactical and racing disciplines. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals with Hollywood credits and accolades in blockbuster films such as Drive and Bourne, Drivetac stands out as the UK’s only BSR accredited academy.

We’ve crafted a bespoke, custom-coded website that mirrors the precision and innovation synonymous with their courses. Join us as we navigate the digital slalom, providing a glimpse into the adrenaline-charged world of Drivetac.

From concept to clicks

Having established a successful collaborative partnership with Sam Maher-Loughnan on previous projects, he approached us with the confidence that we could elevate Drivetac’s digital presence to unprecedented heights.

Our goal was not only to meet, but exceed expectations – creating a high-standard and innovative website that would mirror the exceptional status of Drivetac. Beyond the technical aspects, we focused on capturing Sam and the team’s abilities, infusing the digital environment with the same passion that fuels Drivetac’s on-road excellence. The result is more than a website; it’s a digital embodiment of the brand’s vision and ambition, where every click resonates with the thrill and precision that defines performance driving.

drivetac website

Fluid functionality: navigating a dynamic web experience

We prioritised fluid functionality to ensure an immersive and captivating user experience. Seamlessly integrating dynamic elements, our approach involved the incorporation of compelling videos that vividly narrate the story of stunt driving. These videos, edited with detail for web appropriation, act as dynamic storytellers, engaging visitors and immersing them in the heart-pounding world of Drivetac.

Our design extends beyond aesthetics, featuring bold graphics strategically placed to not only catch attention but also alert. Creative photography complements the narrative, capturing the essence of each discipline. Powered by JavaScript, the code orchestrates a symphony of animations that breathe life into the website, mirroring the dynamism of Drivetac’s courses. The result is a thoughtfully integrated digital masterpiece that not only showcases the adrenaline-pumping action, but also ensures an intuitive journey for every visitor.

drivetac mobile

Secure WooCommerce booking experience

Behind the scenes of Drivetac’s digital infrastructure, we custom developed a seamless and secure booking experience. Leveraging The Events Calendar plugin intricately tied into WooCommerce, our system facilitates online bookings and secure card transactions through the trusted Stripe platform. This integration forms the backbone of a smooth, user-friendly booking process, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

In adherence to the stringent guidelines set by the Ministry of Defence, our web development adds an extra layer of security. Purchasing a ticket for events on the military base requires the capture of a photo ID and country of origin, a vital measure to meet regulatory standards.

Each ticket – a digital passport in itself – boasts a QR code that when scanned, reveals all necessary information to any military personnel; matching security codes, attendee names, and linked photo IDs. This intricate blend of technologies not only streamlines the booking process but also fortifies security, aligning seamlessly with Drivetac’s commitment to excellence and safety.

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