Our Expertise

Commercial Photography

Whether working in a studio or on location, we have been art directing and creating photographic images of the highest quality for over 30 years. From elegant hotel interiors, to artisan food and corporate portraits, we bring fresh eyes to your world to expertly convey your brand story and values. Thinking carefully about light and shadow, our photographers pay attention to the smallest details that can elevate seemingly ordinary objects and settings into heroic compositions.

corporate photography
industrial product photography

Food & drink photography

We’ll help whet the appetite of your audience with carefully crafted food and drink images. Working with food stylists, our photographic team enjoy creating moods with expertly lit scenes to enhance forms and textures, bringing dishes and ingredients to life. Over the years, our food photography has adorned the packaging of numerous well-known consumer brands and promoted some of the UK’s most renowned hotels and restaurants. 

food photographer styling
commercial food photographer
professional food photographer
hotel restuarant food photographer

Product photography

Combining exquisite light control and modern technical knowledge, our photography team will bring drama, narrative and creativity to any commercial and business products. Variety is the spice of life, and although it’s always exciting photographing more glamorous products, we enjoy the challenge of elevating seemingly ordinary objects to new heights.

As well as working on location when required, sometimes the best results are achieved when photographing from our studio using a range of sets, props and surfaces to execute perfectly crafted product images.  

sculpture product photography
product photography black backdrop

Fashion & beauty photography

Executing successful fashion photoshoots is a combination of precise lighting and creative instinct. Whether on location or within a studio environment, our team of photographers, make-up artists and stylists work together to bring a clearly defined creative concept to fruition.

saltrock fashion photography

Interiors & architectural photography

Whether photographing interiors or outside on location, Creative Direction is vastly experienced in delivering engaging images for developers, architects, builders and hoteliers.

For us, successful architectural photography is more than just turning up with a professional camera and tripod. Great architectural photography is about balancing natural and studio lighting to perfection, as well as finding the right angles and shapes to capture the character and personality of a building or space.

We are used to worked closely with interior designers, styling and dressing room sets to create beautiful and striking images. Over the years, our work for hotels has been featured in Vogue and Elle magazine.

architecture photography
interior photography