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Branding & Logo Design

An expert Leicester branding agency

Branding is the foundation for all other forms of company marketing and communication. Great branding needs to be adaptive and flex as organisations grow, enter new markets or respond to change. Your brand is someone’s gut feeling about your product or service and our creative team are experts at helping organisations to develop brands that last. In fact, our portfolio of branding success stories spans three decades, many industries and clients of every size. 

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Designing identities and building successful brands for over 30 years

Partnering with Creative Direction, we talk with you, your team and your clients to understand where you want to go; next week, next year and even in the next 10 years. By getting under the skin of a project and having this understanding, we aim to deliver brand identities which are always intelligent, bespoke and the best investment your business can make. 

Although it’s not always possible, the greatest results are achieved when we have the opportunity to work with our clients long-term acting as brand guardians, spotting opportunities to grow and most importantly helping them remain relevant.

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Logo Design & Identity Systems

Our portfolio is full of some of the most exciting and hard working brand identities in the marketplace, allowing organisations to connect across multiple channels and touchpoints. Our branding experts are adept at creating logos and a brand’s visual language for products and services, cohesively elevating them to be more reputable, desirable and relevant.

Every logo and brand world we create is completely bespoke. We ignore design clichés and cosmetic tropes to develop ideas that set the foundation for all our clients future marketing efforts.

We don’t just change icons, we create brand icons to change external and internal perceptions. We obsess over details. Brand names are never just typed out in a serif or sans serif typeface. Typography is crafted to perfection to give your brand identity absolute personality, confidence and a tone of voice.

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Brand Strategy & Positioning

We bring together marketing strategy, research and competitor analysis to devise a brand strategy, positioning and a narrative that communicates your values to your audience.  We’ll help to create a new confidence, personality and tone of voice to position your organisation as a credible leader, developing a culture and strategic vision that defines the proposition and inspires internal teams as well as other stakeholders.

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Brand & Product Naming

Brand or product naming is fraught with challenges – especially when the name itself can be such a valuable asset. Our team are experts at overcoming these potential pitfalls when creating a new brand name, using a methodical process to align product or service naming with the brand strategy and business goals. 

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Brand guidelines & assets

People often confuse a brand with their logo, where in fact the brand is so much more. Not only do we consider how an identity for a brand might look, but also consider how it behaves. This has the power to influence customer and employee experiences and their understanding of your company. From typography and photography, to brand phrases and copywriting, we’ll create a set of guidelines and assets that will allow your organisation to express itself effortlessly.