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Successful paid social advertising

It’s suggested that over an average lifespan, we’ll spend 6 years and 8 months online. Therefore it’s no wonder millions of brands are fighting to captivate the interest of an online audience. 

The social media revolution has changed the way brands communicate and listen to their customers. Not leveraging social media can only hinder your success in a world where technology is woven into the very fabric of our society and is rapidly advancing. 

So, what can we offer?

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Bespoke, audience-targeted social media marketing campaigns

At Creative Direction, we offer bespoke campaigns that allow you to leverage the power of social media efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether you want a short six month campaign for an event or a long-term digital strategy to increase conversion rates, our social media experts are ready to help. 

Without tooting our own horn, we have enjoyed some incredible success delivering social media campaigns for a wide variety of clients (we are totally tooting our own horns).

With an average increase in engagement of 65% across our clients campaigns, we have perfected the art of developing social media strategies designed to meet the needs of your business. If it’s engagement, conversions or followers you’re after, our social media experts can develop the perfect plan for your business goals. 

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High quality creative assets

Our in house graphic designers with over 30 years industry experience know exactly what makes people click, respond and react. We focus on impact, using market research, colour theory and trending visuals to create high quality visual elements. Be it a post for Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, we design with your client and the preferred platform in mind. 

We don’t use Canva or other template based tools. Successful social media marketing is all about personality and authenticity, so tailored campaigns require bespoke artwork that reflects your business.

Great for prospecting, audience targeting and remarketing

Social media platforms harvest so much data around your target audience, allowing you to reach a large, yet defined audience. We undertake extensive research when building your audience profile, understanding exactly who they are, where they shop and what they do in their spare time. Putting together the key elements of what makes your client tick, allows us to use detailed targeting software to capture the right people at the right time.

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Driving trackable ROI: reporting and measuring success

Data is king. We let the data guide us to better decisions and optimise campaigns going forward. This is a shared process with your business, allowing you to see how well campaigns are progressing. We provide reports that give you detailed breakdowns measured against your KPIs, using high powered tools such as HootSuite, Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager.  

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Building communities and social listening

A core part of success in social media lies in communication and connection. Creating content that resonates with consumers allows us to build long-term loyalty and brand recognition. Unfortunately, a few posts a week is no longer enough. Consumers expect to see more from organisations and want to feel like they are being understood and heard. 

Our in-house social media marketing experts remain at the forefront of your campaigns. We help cultivate online communities with real-time responses to queries, providing support and guidance to your customers.

Our social listening tools also allow us to learn what the public is thinking. We track brand mentions and respond accordingly, remaining informed with key developments within your industry. This helps us create the kind of content that your customers want and need.