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Brochure Design

Creative print design to engage the senses

Print has the ability to engage our senses in ways which are not possible through other forms of marketing – and its tangible qualities can be a refreshing change.

For many businesses, it can be about demonstrating how your brand behaves in print, telling your story, developing a strategic position, personality and way of talking.

When targeted, conceived and designed, direct mail with real keep value can can have longevity of marketing that other channels don’t.

larwood brochure
lowe electrical brochure

Delivering a measurable return on investment

Marketing is all about perception, and conveying trust can be pretty difficult for any business large or small. A Direct Marketing Association study found that 56% of consumers believe print marketing to be the most trustworthy of media channels.

The same study found that after receiving direct mail 44% of consumers will visit a brand’s website and 34% will search online for more information about the product or service.

In fact, some of our greatest successes have come off the back of a successful direct mail campaign – an interior designer received an order for £40,000 worth of curtains and a dental practice went into profit on a teeth whitening promotion in the first 48 hours of the campaign going live.

crepe cuisine brochure die cut
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Interesting size formats, print finishing techniques and unique papers

We will help you think about your promotional and marketing material in completely new ways. Paper based promotion can offer a natural marketing structure with a ‘beginning, middle and end’, this enables us to take the reader on a measured journey, one that we will control from a marketing perspective.

We will introduce you to new, interesting formats (not just the A sizes), exciting paper textures and unique colour and print techniques. We work with a team of preferred photographers, all experts in their particular fields, so we will art direct the precise photographic results required to enhance our creative solutions.

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