Launching the International Sports Tax Association


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ISTA specialises in connecting a global network of tax and financial advisors within the professional sports arena – from Premiership Football to Formula 1, all bases are covered. 

By bringing together a wealth of tax advisors and other complementary professionals from around the world, clients can be supported globally, no matter their location, employment status or nationality. 

The project came to us following the success of Juno Sports, a leading sports tax consultancy where it was quickly recognised that the demand for an international body was imminent. Establishing ISTA resolves the issues regarding international sports people working across a multitude of continents and living in different tax havens, delivering a sense of consistency and coherence to the industry.

ista logo

Brand identity

From the very start, we wanted to create an authoritative identity that conveyed the impact ISTA could have within the sports sector. The design of the brand was meticulous, with every detail chosen to give the impression of an established and reputable organisation.

A competition podium denotes ISTA’s position as the number one resource for international tax information and advice. An enriched colour palette of burgundy red is used to deliver confidence and assertiveness across all digital and print media. All core elements are incorporated into the diligent web design, displaying knowledge, excellence and authority.

Professional web design

The aim of the web design was to formulate a sophisticated and intuitive website that perfectly orchestrated ISTA’s ethos and purpose. The result, a modern and dynamic platform that offers a subscription-based solution for users. The website has a hidden e-commerce facility that enables easy billing of membership fees. Due to operating internationally, the website also has the capacity to be multilingual, catering to the needs of users globally. Designed with usability in mind, the website is powered by a fully content-managed solution that can be intuitively updated by non-technical users, simplifying edits, updates and resources.

Together, these design elements create a powerful and engaging visual experience that reinforces the brand’s reputation for quality and authenticity.

The results

We are proud to be a part of ISTA’s journey and to have played such an integral role in launching the organisation internationally. Since completion, ISTA have received commendable recognition, achieving rapid global reach and successfully bringing together advisors from all over the world.