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Creating a premier tax consultancy for the sports industry

Juno Sports Tax specialise in providing clear and responsible tax advice to footballers and their advisors in the top tiers of English football.

Juno was the brainchild of leading tax expert, Sofia Thomas. We had previously worked with Sofia on developing a new brand identity and website for her tax on divorce firm. Naturally, we were delighted to be called upon again to develop the proposition for Juno as a credible and trustworthy tax partner.

The brand story

In mythology, Juno was an ancient Roman goddess and regarded as the protector – the perfect starting point for a tax firm set on protecting the wealth of its clients through financial mentoring and planning.

There is also an old Aesop fable of The Peacock & Juno. A Peacock demanded to Juno to have the voice of a nightingale as well as the splendor and beauty of its feathers. Juno pointed out that the peacock was the most beautiful bird and her favourite, and one cannot be first in everything. This fable drew a nice parallel with football; the beautiful game.

juno logo design

The logo identity

The challenge was to strike a balance between sport, lifestyle and finance protection, evoking a sense of the world professional footballers are accustomed.

A dynamic shield comprises of an emphatic representation of Juno and decorative peacock. All core elements from the logo are used across digital and print, including the golden outer line of the shield – an abstract letter ‘J’. This is used to great effect on photography, with a series of acrobatic footballers encapsulated within these graphic assets to visually protect them. An enriched colour palette is used to provide an elegant backdrop to all brand assets.

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juno branding
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juno brand asset
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A bespoke digital experience

The goal of the web design was to create an elegant, intuitive and inspiring website which supports Juno’s projects, company ethos and messaging.

Using WordPress’ content management system and their Gutenberg editing experience, we designed a bespoke website for Juno to bring their brand assets to life online. As the site needed to be extremely flexible, WordPress was the perfect option, giving the team at Juno complete control over every aspect of the site.

Dramatic layouts, bold photography as well as subtle details and animations all help in giving the Juno brand heritage and credibility from launch.

juno website design

juno web design
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The results

Since successfully launching Juno Sports Tax, Sofia and her team have had interest from ex-professionals as well as player care officers at several Premier League clubs including Manchester United.

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