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Rebranding a US & UK financial institution

With offices in New York, Miami and London, Federal Finance is a market leading financier specialising in providing and securing funding for high-value residential and commercial property developments.

With a wealth of experience in brokering new home developments in the US, Federal Finance is now a permanent fixture there.The goal was simple. The brand needed to endear itself further to a US market, as well as the firm’s strong roster of board members, whilst still being sensitive to opportunities that could arise in the UK.

Creative Direction were not only tasked with bringing their online presence up-to-date, but also creating something beautiful and unique to compliment their stunning property investment projects.

Defining Federal’s market leading brand

The creative team developed an exciting corporate visual language for Federal to invite investors, joint venture partners, business owners and other professionals into their new brand world.

The brand identity is a juxtaposition of elements that make up the British and American flags; stars of the US flag and a diagonal line from the Union Jack encased within a traditional shield. For centuries, shields and crests have been used as symbols to represent families, businesses, and trade organisations. This gave Federal Finance greater heritage, and the idea of a firm steeped in tradition and one that can be trusted.

Creative Direction crafted a sharp, graphic lion as a new brand asset to Federal’s visual language. The lion historically is a symbol of strength, courage, power and royalty, and synonymous with flags, crests and prestigious brands.

However, the execution of the the brand icon is still contemporary, reflecting Federal’s 21st century approach to business and finance.

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A confident tone of voice to inspire internal teams, clients and other finance professionals

Sharp, courage, power, prestige – key brand words that formed the core of a confident tone of voice For Federal. This meant that website headings and other copy needed to be succinct and to the point; no fluff, just precise brand messaging.

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A scalable and modular WordPress website

The website needed to be easy to adapt and build upon, allowing stakeholders within the firm to easily add new pages as new offices open and the company continues to expand. A WordPress CMS using their Gutenberg platform could easily accommodate this functionality.

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Client stories at the heart of Federal’s online promotion

Property development and in particular finance websites can all too often fall into the industry cliché of images of skyscrapers, city skylines and lots of glass.

To communicate Federal’s personality further and authenticity, we put people and their businesses at the forefront of the website. Corporate photography has been carefully adapted using colours from the brand palette, allowing Federal truly own their images.

With a renewed sense of dynamism and energy, the Federal Finance is better equipped to embrace the future of finance in a stronger, bolder way.

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