Voice Matters  


voice matters

The ability to differentiate your brand from others has become paramount as industry becomes overcrowded and the digital age takes over. A great misconception is that brand purpose equates only to visual aspects such as font, colours, and design styles, but it is much more than that. A brands presence in its industry is also dictated by its values and overall mission and the way in which this is conveyed. With social media implemented into more marketing strategies the necessity of adopting a brand voice is essential in exhibiting brand purpose.  

Before we begin

Understanding the difference between brand voice and brand tone will help you deliver a clear message to your audience. Brand voice is widely established by the foundation of a brands verbal identity and should remain consistent across marketing, advertising, and other comms. However, tone can change depending on the message being delivered and may be adjusted depending on the context and channel chosen. The two-work hand in hand to send out your company’s message successfully.  

If you’re brand was a person, what personality traits would it take on? 

Your brand voice stems from the message you want to convey and should be evident across all communications. What you say and how you say it dictates the type of brand voice you adopt. You may be a brand that is serious and informative or perhaps casual and conversational – the characteristics you can adopt are endless but you should ensure the voice you choose reflects your core brand values.

It is important to remember that tone of voice not only includes words, but also the imagery you choose and the order you put them in. 40% of consumers said memorable content helps a brand stand out from the crowd highlighting that selecting the right content to engage your audience is essential for future success. If mistakes are made then engagement of consumers may decline as 45% say that they unfollow brands because of irrelevant content

But why is developing a brand voice important? 

The fight for differentiation is becoming harder with the proliferation of digital channels, brand voice a key element of your business. Written content needs to receive the same attention as other creative areas of your business do. 

This is where brand voice becomes prevalent. 

Your company identity can be demonstrated through the way statements are shared and the characteristics that make them stand out. Word choice, writing style and humour (or a lack thereof) must be taken into consideration as your tone will help align your social campaigns with the brands core values. Exhibiting these values is helpful in developing brand loyalty as around 64% of consumers form relationships based off their shared values

When doing this, consistency is key. Maintaining a consistent presence across all platforms can increase revenue by 23% and can also help when trying to build trust with both consumers and employees. Not only does consistency create a relatable space for your audience to go to, but maintaining a clear and consistent brand voice will aid your marketing team with the confidence to deliver your brand strategy across all platforms. 

How can implementing a refined brand voice help your brand?

Aside from reflecting your personality which shapes your entire brand identity a refined brand voice can help acquire, retain, and develop customer relationships. Your brand voice can contour the end users experience and increase brand recognition. Displaying your inclusivity and flexibility can be easily demonstrated through a variety of tones with different communication styles.  In doing so customers will be enticed, as you portray that the brand is living up to the company’s mission and following through on its promises. This competitive edge will gain attention, interaction, and loyalty.

Memorability is indispensable – creating a strong first impression allows you to gain customers attention quickly. Once this relationship has begun, brand voice has the aptitude to develop it further as 33% of consumers claim that a distinct personality can help a brand differentiate from its competitors. Nail the memorability and you’re almost there however the real trick to retaining customers is being authentic. Perhaps the most talked about characteristic, authenticity, strengthens your brands appeal to customers and increases organic traffic towards your brand. 

However, it’s not always that easy… 

It’s common knowledge to say your brand should have a unique personality, but implementing it in an organic and authentic way can be a struggle. The digital age is creating pressure to constantly churn out new content and requires your brand to adapt messaging approaches and writing style across ever expanding media channels. As a multidisciplinary agency, here at Creative Direction our expertise spans from web design to social media to branding and more. Partnering with us will allow you to create a seamless blend across all your digital platforms maintaining that all important consistency. Everything we do at Creative Direction is bespoke, our aim is to develop a brand identity that is not only unique, but confident and intelligent, equipping you with a personality that is unparalleled. 

It may be a challenge, but with our help you can develop your brand the big personality you’ve always dreamed of.