Performing Under Pressure

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Last Friday our Artistic Director, David Major, enjoyed a superb speaker opportunity on behalf of Concannon Connection at the beautiful Mythe Barn. Delivering the talk to in excess of 60 attendees, David touched on the pressures involved in running a full service marketing agency that is dedicated to meeting client’s needs and deadlines and how this is achieved year in year out with a strict set of creative assets that can be relied upon when the going gets tough.

David then put this business pressure in to perspective (it’s not life or death), with a comparison of the pin point and inch perfect precision required to run motorcycles on a race track at speeds between 150 – 190mph. Hitting every braking point, turning point, apex, lap in lap out whilst avoiding other riders.

The speech concluded with a call to action for attendees to take themselves out of their comfort zone at any opportunity and David recounted a tale of learning to sing, going in to a recording studio and performing a George Michael track live at the Cookie.

The talk was met with enthusiasm and a raft of compliments for it’s honesty, integrity and inspirational nature.