6 Steps to success in social media marketing

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Social media marketing has seen exponential growth since the digital age has taken over. This type of marketing can deliver web traffic, drive sales, develop customer relationships and build brand awareness.

Investing in social media management will help develop your social presence from a different perspective, gaining accurate insight on the way your customers think. As social media is permeating more aspects of a business, marketing across networking platforms is now more than a simple post, it involves engaging directly with customers, maintaining messages and reputation, collecting valuable customer insights and providing customer support.

As such, social media management has evolved into a full-time career that spans all areas of a business, rather than just an ancillary responsibility.

1. Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing presents many challenges, including reaching your target audience, measuring return on investment (ROI) and achieving business goals. A social media agency can help tackle these problems by crafting a strategy that is customised to your unique needs and goals, ensuring you achieve the desired results. Without a defined starting point, it’s impossible to measure what’s working and make necessary adjustments to reach your goals.

2. Social Media Audit

Understanding the correlation between your social media efforts and business goals is essential to stay ahead of your competition. A key feature of social media management is carrying out social media audits which gain valuable insight into which content and platforms are performing best, who your audience is and what they care about, and where to focus your efforts next. An agency will complete these audits to help you understand the success of each platform and utilise the information for future campaigns.

3. Content Creation

Creating engaging and appropriate content may seem like a simple task but its easy to fall into the trap of default layouts causing your social media accounts to look like every other one in the industry. Having a professional team supporting your brand will help separate you from competitors through creating content that is tailored to the wants and needs of your audience. Engagement comes naturally when the content is right, you might think you know your audience but creating content that resonates with their social media habits is a job best left to social media experts.

4. Scheduling

Yes, multiple social publishing software exists that allows you to schedule posts with no hassle however there’s more to scheduling posts than setting the date and time. ‘Real time’ content management is the way forward ensuring you always stay one step ahead of the competition. An expert will ensure that all of your accounts are kept up to date at all times, altering posts to align with trends, seasons and other events.

5. Community Management

Replying to comments, direct messages and monitoring conversations can be a time-consuming activity, but maintaining this communication is essential in developing customer relationships. This is where having a team in support is useful, as not only will they take on this role, but they will also take time to understand your business meaning the interactions will be genuine, on-brand and authentic. 

6. Analytics and Performance Reports

Tracking the success of your social media marketing is just as important as creating it. Social media professionals use analytics to gain greater insights into what does and doesn’t work for your business.

These metrics can be used to tailor future campaigns as well as measure the success of current ones. This data can also help monitor brand awareness and engagement aligning with larger business goals. A social media team will create performance reports which can be monthly or quarterly reviews delivering clear, precise insights on content performance, highlighting the highest achieving posts, key learnings, data regarding growth patterns and more.

Do you need a social media agency?

Hiring a social media agency can offer several benefits beyond the relief of managing multiple accounts. They can take your social presence to the next level by aligning your business with the digital expectations of today’s market. The social landscape is always changing, but a social media agency can keep track of any algorithm changes and new trends across platforms, and also adapt your strategy and content accordingly.

At Creative Direction, we offer real-time social media management services to keep you ahead of your competitors. Our expert social media managers collaborate with you to understand your customers/clients, ensuring that your social media content is tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Our team crafts bespoke content designed specifically for your brand, guaranteeing that every post is of the highest quality, authentic, and engaging. Using targeted posts and paid ads, we can help you effectively reach your desired audience, increase your engagement rate and grow your following. Our comprehensive social media management services drive improved website traffic, enhance your brand awareness and strengthen your market position, allowing you to expand your business and achieve your goals.