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impact brochure

Impact Foiling is a renowned print finishers located in the heart of Leicester. While the name may not be immediately recognisable, their exquisite work can be found in numerous well-known consumer goods such as toothpastes, cosmetics, and beverage packaging. Even your cherished birthday card may have been embellished by the team at Impact Foiling.

We were commissioned with the important task of producing a promotional brochure that comprehensively showcases Impact Foiling’s diverse range of services. Our team was presented with the challenge of crafting a captivating and innovative brochure that displayed the full range of Impact Foiling’s superior finishes. We approached the design with the focus on ‘impact’, incorporating various impactful events over the years within sport, science, music, and the arts to bring their exceptional work to life.


To showcase the unique potential of this technique, we took a creative approach by drawing inspiration from the iconic Isaac Newton’s law of gravity and the ‘impact’ of a falling apple. By incorporating an intricately designed raised apple in the corner of the page, we were able to visually illustrate the power of embossing and its ability to add depth and texture to a design. This technique allowed us to capture the details and visual interest that embossing can bring to any printed material. As you turn the page, you actually feel the emboss almost before you see it.

IMG 2539

Hot Foil

When displaying the capabilities of hot foil, we took inspiration from the impact that The Beatles had on popular music. By creating vinyl records using gold and platinum discs, we were able to showcase the striking and luxurious effect that hot foil stamping can add to any design. The use of platinum and gold colours was chosen to convey a sense of sophistication and quality, reflecting the exceptional level of detail and finish that hot foil stamping can bring to any printed media.

IMG 2538

Cold Foil

We wanted to capture the modernism of cold foil printing and detail its strengths through the ‘impact’ Usain Bolt has had on sports performance. To do so we incorporated cold foil printing to accentuate the small details that make a design truly remarkable. By highlighting the subtle intricacies of Usain Bolt’s shoes and the numbers on the race track with cold foil printing, we were able to demonstrate the power of this technique to make even the tiniest details stand out and add a captivating visual interest to the design.

IMG 2537

Holographic Effects

To highlight the impressive qualities of holographic effects, our team drew inspiration from Neil Armstrong’s iconic “giant leap for mankind” and its profound impact on technology and human history. By incorporating holographic foils into the design, we were able to create a mesmerising and ethereal effect, accentuating the stars and the lunar surface. This technique allowed us to showcase the unique reflective and iridescent qualities of holographic foils, adding a sense of depth and wonder to the design.

IMG 2536

UV Varnish

To display the impressive capabilities of UV varnish, our team drew inspiration from the legendary Andy Warhol and his profound impact on contemporary art, pop culture, and the high-street. By incorporating UV varnish into the design, we were able to create a striking and dynamic effect, highlighting the intricate details of Warhol’s artwork and its vibrant colour palette. This technique allowed us to create a glossy, high-shine finish that enhanced the visual impact of the artwork, bringing Warhol’s iconic imagery to life.

IMG 2540

As a result, we diligently crafted the mother of all brochures, elegantly demonstrating the services available at Impact Foiling. We are proud to have created such a dramatic brochure and to have equipped Impact Foiling with a stunning piece of print media.