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Every business needs marketing. In order to attract new customers, retain existing clients, stay ahead of the competition and grow sales, marketing is a necessity. That is a given.

However, the “WHO should do our marketing?” question is far more perplexing and businesses of all sizes are faced with this. Without doubt, it is a biggie and some of our clients have spent many months and even years pondering over it until they met us.

There are three likely answers to the WHO question, which are (a) the DIY approach, (b) employ an in-house marketing person or (c) engage a marketing agency.

We examine these in further detail below and look to outline the pros and cons of each.

THE DIY approach to marketing is favoured by many SMES. Nobody knows the business better than it’s director(s), there are a plethora of resources available online and there’s often other employees to delegate to, for example to take responsibility for social media channels. Most likely, there will be occasions when professionals are engaged; for example, to design the company logo and to build it’s website, but other than this the company is self-sufficient for it’s own marketing requirements. This can work well for the short term, especially if you have invested in strong foundations with a well thought out and designed logo and website. 

However, there are some problems that occur with this approach:-

Standing still. A logo and a website are only the beginning of a business marketing journey. Marketing is ongoing, it has no end; it evolves with your company and it’s customers, with your prospective clients and your market place. It is important to stay current and in touch by creating engaging, fresh and shareable content that in turn generates leads and sales.

Lack of time. As a business owner, it may be difficult to find the time to think about, research, and plan a marketing strategy to engender further business growth, let alone to then have the time to implement this.

Resource and experience. Before working with us, some clients had previously assigned marketing functions to members of their team; maybe integrated with sales or administration roles and they generally operated at a satisfactory level, or so they thought. What became apparent is that no matter how enthusiastic and committed these people were, they lacked experience and expertise and, they were pulled away from their primary areas of focus, which often suffered as a result.

EMPLOYING AN IN-HOUSE MARKETING PERSON is another option. This, often singular role, is created and filled with a view to the marketing arm of a business being one person’s responsibility. As a professional, this person needs to have the expertise necessary to strategise, plan and implement your marketing requirements and may, for example, also turn his or her hand to design and writing. This can work, but it isn’t without it’s disadvantages, some of which are as follows:-

Employment costs. The salary of an employee, we suggest, is almost doubled when you take into account factors such as benefits, software licences, training, holiday and sick leave, unproductive time, consumables and administrative overheads.

Exposure to new thinking. Marketers need to be creative, to constantly innovate and look for solutions to promote and maximize returns on investment. Ideally, plans and ideas are shared with a fully rounded marketing team who view from a range of perspectives before full development and implementation. A single marketer can be a lonely role and it’s certainly not for the faint hearted.

Additional support and resource. We challenge you to find a marketing person who is capable of doing everything. And, should you by some remote chance manage to engage such a person, then we would ask the question, can he or she really perform in all areas to a high quality and standard? The likelihood is that there will be instances when your marketing executive will need to engage the services of an external agency, supplier or professional.

ENGAGING WITH A MARKETING AGENCY is the third scenario. As we’re nothing if we’re not honest, we hasten to add that we are indeed an agency (although we prefer to call ourselves a team) and yes, generally, we do recommend this approach! We’ve outlined below the reasons why, so please do read on …

It costs less than you think! Cost is the primary concern for a number of businesses when the word “agency” is used and may event act as a deterrent to exploring this avenue. In actual fact, the cost of working with us over a period of twelve months, can often equate to less than the average annual salary of one marketing professional.

A one-stop shop of resource. Everything you need marketing wise is under one roof, so you have access to a realm of expertise. From graphic design to blog writing and from website building to creating and managing direct mail campaigns or advertising, the list goes on. Thus making it easier for a company to utilise a varied mix of marketing channels and to keep on trend.

You and your team can concentrate on your business. Marketing in all it’s guises is what we do, so by engaging us to do what we’re good at, you (and your team) have more time to focus on what you’re good at. That’s not saying that we “take over.” We work with our clients collaboratively; the best results are achieved this way.

Return on investment. By establishing and reporting to you upon predetermined goals and objectives, we ensure that your marketing budget is used effectively, is achieving maximum results and you always know what is happening.

Is your company currently pondering over “who should do your marketing?”

If so, speak to David or Suzanne on 0116 2168626, we love to talk. Or email studio@creativedirection.info.

Marketing is what we do, we would love to learn more about what you do and discuss how we can make your marketing budget work harder, go further and achieve real and measurable results.

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