Longevity of design for print


Design for print should be something that has a ‘keep’ value and will stand the test of time. Designed correctly, it can also offer a natural marketing structure. Direct mail campaigns have shown a decrease in the past 10 years, but that is not the end of traditional marketing.

Increase in business

There is now a renaissance in print, with research showing a combination or traditional printing (marketing) methods and the use of the internet (digital) can yield up to an additional 25% response and business.

When designing a brochure or leaflet, we carefully consider each and every detail from various paper textures to unique formats and colours. We have close relationships with a variety of photographers who are then art directed by ourselves to get the perfect photographic results.

Here is a great example of a recently designed a set of brochures for electrical contractor in Leicestershire which were sent out in an extremely successful direct mail campaign. These were sent to different business sectors including care homes, industry and education, from which we understand they received an array of new contracts.


On a smaller scale, Tanya Leech who is an interior designer came to us to design her a brochure for a door to door campaign. This was an incredible success, after just one week, her campaign more than paid for itself with one new client commissioning £40,000 of new business.

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