Increase your shelf appeal with premium re-packaging


As consumers, we can make a decision on whether we like something in a matter of seconds, with very little conscious thought. With this in mind, it should be remembered that shelf-appeal is everything!

British shelves are a rampage of all kinds of colour and textures, so it is imperative that your packaging design stands out from the crowd.

Our packaging designs are exciting and highly creative, but there is science involved! Did you know that some foil effects can look black under supermarket lighting? That is one expensive trick that can go completely wrong.

Creative Direction have designed beautiful packaging for a range of products from Furniss Biscuits to Rodda’s Clotted Cream, St. Austell Brewery and Kelly’s Ice Cream.

Our creative fees should be seen as an investment, and in a retail environment our results can be easily and instantly measured. A great example of this is Newlands Milk who came to us to help them out with their milk packaging. After re-branding and new packaging, it was audited and we saw sales increase in Tesco by an average of 30%.

Is your brand looking for a sales boost or a more successful listing within the supermarket chains? Give David a call on 0116 216 8626 and arrange a meeting with the team to take a look at our beautiful portfolio of success stories.

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