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Google SEO Services in Leicester

We all know that driving traffic to your online business can be a pain. That’s why we not only offer tailored and engaging Social Media campaigns to suit your company, but we also work with some of the Midlands’ best SEO engineers to get our customers flying up the Google rankings.

Why do I need SEO?

Ask yourself this; When you Google something – whether for information, or to find a business to work with – how often do you click further than the first page or two? Research from the advertising network Chitika has showed that around only 10% of users ever click onto the second page, with most not going any further than that. Their study also indicated that 33% of users are likely to click on the first organic (i.e. non-paid) link that they see, and 18% the second – making it all the more important to ensure that you’re up there at the top of the rankings.

Percentage of Google clicks by position

With this in mind – SEO can be a key component to making sure that new customers can find your business on the first page.

Our prices can start from as little as £350 per month, dependent on your industry and the keywords you are looking to be ranked for.

Contact us today via the form below or by phone on 0116 2168626 for a free video report into your targeted keywords, and others that we suggest.

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